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Report a Manatee in Distress

CALL 1-888-404-FWCC (3922) IMMEDIATELY.

The Call Comes First

Please do not attempt to approach or assist the manatee. Above all, do not get into the water. Manatees are normally very gentle, but they are still wild, powerful animals and can weigh up to a ton! Getting in the water puts you at risk, and your good intentions may scare away the injured animal and prevent professional rescuers from giving it assistance.

Your call will be answered by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission who then contact and alert the rescue teams. 
This is the first step in launching a trained, authorized response to aid the animal(s). 
Nobody else can put the process into action.

The Florida Keys has a population of manatees that make their home up and down the chain of islands throughout the year.  When ocean temperatures drop, more manatees make their way from mainland Florida to the Keys, so the population increases at a time when there are also more people visiting and more boats out on the water.

Now, as much as ever, manatees need your assistance.  If you see a manatee with an entanglement, an injury or displaying behavior that appears to indicate distress, please call the telephone number above immediately.

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