New Program - Trainer Experience!

Experience being a dolphin trainer in this exciting half-day adventure.

Experience being a trainer in this half day, exciting adventure!


Welcome - our dolphin and sea lion family love to meet new friends!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: In line with Dolphin Research Center's mission, our dolphin and sea lion families are our primary concern. Therefore, on any given day, program times may vary based on the needs of the animals.

To ensure the maximum enjoyment for all, only animals that choose to be involved will participate in our in-water and dock programs.

For animal safety reasons, we ask that you do not bring/use selfie sticks within the facility.

GENERAL ADMISSION: Purchase a General Admission and spend some time getting to know our dolphins and sea lion family, or observe your friends and family swimming or interacting with the dolphins from one of our public access areas.  General Admission allows you to enter the facility for a full day or come and go throughout that day between 09:00am-04:30pm.  It does not include hands-on contact with any marine mammals.  Minors at the facility must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  For more information and general admission prices,  please click here

We look forward to you visiting Dolphin Research Center.

Day Trips

Dolphin Encounter New

Price: $199 (Price does not include On-line Reservation Fee)

Ages: 5 Yrs and Up. A participating adult (18+Yrs) must accompany a child 5-7 Yrs

For safety and liability reasons, pregnant ladies are unable to participate in this program

Guests with Disabilities: Do you or one of your group have a physical or cognitive limitation? Please click here to contact our Coordinator prior to booking

Duration: Approximately 20-25 minutes in-water. Your program will take place within 2 hours of check-in

Our most popular dolphin program! Includes a dorsal pull

Dusk to Dawn

Distance Learning


Researcher for a Day

Availability: Monday -Friday. Advance reservations only
Price: $675.00 per person. Includes all day admission for participant(s)
Program Duration: Full Day
Age: 5 and up but this program is not geared for younger children. Participating adult must accompany children 12 and under

Enter the world of dolphin intelligence and spend a day as part of our research team!

The List - Guest List - Family and Friends

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Daily Message

Media & Marketing

Pre-confirmed visiting journalists, photographers, film crews, fam tours, etc. will be added to this list by Mary and/or Nessa.  If someone arrives that is not on this list, please contact us anyway.  It could still be a good opportunity.  Media should never be sent out unescorted.  Thanks!

Sea Lion Splash

Availability: Currently Unavailable
Price: $80 plus admission
Program Duration: Approximately one half hour
  • 5 yrs and up
  • Participating adult must accompany children under 8

  • Details: Stand on a submerged platform and get an up close and personal, hands-on experience with a California sea lion!

    Teen Basic DLab

    Marine Mammal Care & Basic Training DLab (Adult & Teen)

    Dolphin Camp (10-12 & 13-14 Yrs)

    Group General Admission

    Teen Intermediate DLab

    Cognitive Training/Research DLab

    Advanced Training & Enrichment DLab

    Marine Mammal Interpretation DLab

    Group DLabs

    General Admission -Discounts

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    Our Mission - Through education, research and rescue, Dolphin Research Center promotes peaceful coexistence, cooperation and communication between marine mammals, humans and the environment we share with the well being of DRC's animals taking precedence.